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Four Ways to Maximize Your QR Code Campaigns


Be above the rest and don’t just roll out your QR code campaigns. Make sure you get to maximize your QR codes, for your bottom line and to get the love and respect of both potential and current customers.

1. No more wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am mentality. While QR codes are a great way to wow your current customers, they are also a good way to reel in new ones. Instead of a one-shot deal, make sure that your QR codes help you connect with your customers in a continuing fashion. A good way to do this is to allow them to “like” you on Facebook, or have them follow your tweets on Twitter. Or you could ask for their e-mail address before they could get access to your mobile site.

2. Provide great content. Few consumers would really want to see the video of the thing that they want to buy when they are already in the store. So if you have QR codes in your store, opt for a mobile site that gives away coupons and discounts, instead of having a video tour of your store. Make sure that the content you provide in your QR codes make sense. Remember that people would spend money on data charges just to download your video or view your site. Make it worth their while.

3. Make your QR code more attractive with promises. A QR code alone would not entice people to scan it. Give them a preview of what to expect when they scan your code. Offer discounts, exclusive content and other things when they scan your code. One retailer offered a preview service where you could take a picture of yourself and their software allows you to virtually “wear” their pants to make it easy for you to see how it would look on you even when you’re not in their stores.

4. Optimize your site for mobile phones. You have your QR code and you’ve explained how to decode it. It resolves to your Web site. Great right? Except for one thing, your site is not optimized for mobile phones. So what happens? It’s either your potential customers spend time scrolling though huge graphic files, or long-winded texts, or they leave your site without getting to read your information. Make sure that your mobile site is just that: accessible on mobile phones. If possible, create a mobile site apart from your official Web site and use that. Graphics should be kept to a minimum and the page should be written in such a way that scrolling is minimized and navigation is top priority.

In case you haven’t noticed, mobile phone screens are way smaller than computer monitor screens.

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