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Four Simple Ways to Come Up with Timeless and Classic Logos


First, let us explain that classic and timeless logos might be interchangeable for some people but they really are not the same.

Timeless logos are those that remain relevant over the years. For example, Tide’s logo has remained basically the same since it first came out more than six decades ago. Timeless logos might change over time but these changes are minor to make it more relevant.

Classic logos are timeless logos that do not really need to be changed because it is very adaptable. For example, the ABC logo with the white text on a black circular background is regarded by a lot of people as a classic logo: you can use it no matter what type of environment you’re in.

Creating a classic or timeless logo is essential for any company. Not only do logos form an important part of the brand’s identity, they will also save you lots of money from having to design and redesign them.

So how do you create a classic or timeless logo?

1. Have your logo reflect your core values. Your business aims may change over time, but your core values may stay the same. For example, you might be involved in general retail now but you might find a better opportunity with wholesale operations. Your core value on the other hand will remain the same no matter what business you are in. Like giving your customers the right price for quality good. Your logo should reflect this value.

2. Be adaptable. The best test to adaptability is by rendering your colored logo in black in white, or in other colors.

3. Avoid being too company- or industry-specific. Make sure that you design your logo so that it is very flexible. For example, Apple’s very recognizable logo does not feature a computer on it, making it very easy to use even on iPhones and iPads.

4. Keep it simple. When creating your logo, you might go overboard with color, graphics, icons, and overall design. While your logo might look good now, it will suffer in terms of flexibility and adaptability, making it very difficult to update in the future!

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