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Four Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Site


You think you have it down pat. You have a website that looks professional with all the bells and whistles that you could put into it. You spent lots of money and time trying to come up with a perfect design, flash animations and usability studies. You launch your website, thinking that if you build it, everything else will follow.

But after months of having it up, nobody is buying from your site. What happened? It could be a problem with your landing page.  Here are four things to correct to get more conversions from your website.

1. Being all business.

Your site might be lacking the personal touch. Remember that while you may be a business, buying and shopping even when it is done online is primarily a social experience.

Give your site a personal touch and make your customers feel like you welcome them to look at the pages on your site and buy form you. Put up a great about us page, add social sharing buttons, and make it easy for them to contact and talk to you.

2. Using Flash and nothing else.

While Flash animation gives you great looking sites, you might want to consider the fact that it kills your SEO. Further, you have to pair your flash with great content, telling people what you do or what you could do for them, and make it easy for them to figure out whether you have the products, services or information they are looking for.

3. You confuse your customers by not having a clear call to action.

Every page must tell your customers clearly what you want them to do. This is why call to action pages and buttons are very important.

You must set an aim for your landing page, choose whether you want your visitors to get more information, buy your goods, subscribe to your newsletter, or download your software.

Ideally, your landing page should have only one action for them to do. This allows them to focus on that single act.

It is also best to put up call to action buttons and making it very prominent on the page.

4. Your landing page does not match the keyword searched.

If you have a pay per click campaign, you might spend a lot of time writing the ads and coming up with keywords. But while you see your clicks and your fees increase, nobody is buying. This might be because your landing page is not giving your PPC visitors what they are looking for. If you are selling cakes, you might be using the same landing page for wedding cakes and birthday cakes by grouping them together as cakes for special occasions. This might not work for you as those looking for birthday cakes might see wedding cakes instead and hit the back button!

Be sure to have a landing page for each type of product you have. You might want to have a landing page for full featured smartphones and another one for affordable feature phones.

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