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Four Easy Ways to Improve Your QR Code Marketing Now!

So you have put up QR codes in your marketing materials, but for some reason the scans are lower than what you have expected? There might things that you have overlooked when deploying your QR codes.

Here are some ways to improve the results you are getting from your QR code campaigns.

Did you test your QR code? Be sure that you have tested your QR codes. Does it take you to the right URL? Does it give you the right content? Is the site behind it mobile optimized? Take a look at your own experience in scanning a QR code, and find out ways to make it better.

Go for a more visible placement of your QR codes. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your QR codes but there is something wrong with where you put it. It might be too high for people to scan in or too low for people to notice. The best places to put your QR codes are or near eye level. If you are putting up QR codes all around your store, go for some place that people frequent such as your store’s entrance, cash registers and window displays.

Include instructions. QR codes might be second nature to you, but for some it might be a weird looking thing that could have come from aliens. Always include instructions on what to do with your QR codes, where to get a QR code scanner and the benefits they could get from scanning your QR codes.

Check out your QR code metrics. Be sure to track your QR codes so that you would know which ones of your QR codes are being scanned, at what time, where and by whom. For example, a good QR code tracking software can help you know that the QR codes you have posted together with your flyers downtown are being scanned significantly more than the codes you have at your store. These are scanned by people under the age of 30 and are scanned during the afternoon. Using these information, you can fine-tune your campaign so that your posters can easily attract younger people and you can put up more posters downtown.

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