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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: QRCodeTracking.com Launches Its Own API!


BeQRious.com is pleased to announce that our sister site, QRCodeTracking.com, has just launched its own API!

What Is An API?

An API or application programming interface represents a specific set of codes or rules and specifications that software programs and websites follow to communicate with each other.  As such, it is a set of governing rules that facilitate interaction between two websites or software programs.  It is similar to a user interface, but a user interface rules the interaction between computers and humans.

That may sound a little bit complex, but we are sure that you have used APIs before.  At the very least, you should have shared photos on Facebook by updating your Flickr account, or embedding a SlideShare presentation on your LinkedIn profile.  If you have been updating Facebook automatically every time you update your Twitter status, then you have been using an API.

So what does the launch of the QRCodeTracking.com API mean to you?

With the launch of our API, it means that we are making our services available on other Web sites.  This means that other Web services would be able to give visitors the ability to:

1. Easily create QR codes.  With the API, other Web services can give visitors a great and easy way to create and generate QR codes.  Not only that, you can easily download these QR codes in various formats for whatever purpose you have in mind!  Choose between a PDF file, PNG file or a GIF file to download and keep your copy of your QR codes.

2. Manage QR code campaigns easily.  Even with dozens or hundreds of campaigns involving tens or dozens of QR codes, you would never have a hard time managing all these with our QR code campaign management system.

3. Get powerful analytics for QR codes.  What’s a marketing campaign if you do not measure it?  Our analytics can give you anything you want when you want it.   Get detailed information on who scanned your QR codes, where it was scanned, when it was scanned and other relevant data!

4. Get instant notification via e-mail. If you want to know just when your QR code was scanned, then opt into our e-mail notification feature that allows you to receive an e-mail every time somebody scans your QR codes!

With our API, you could expect other Web services to give you the exact same service that QRCodeTracking.com has been giving its customers!

See more of our features here

Programmers and site owners:  To get your own API key, you can get in touch with us through:


Toll-free hotline: 1-855-QR-CODES (1-855-77-26337)

Tel: 646-624-7831

Contact form: http://qrcodetracking.com/contact-us/

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