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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: QR Codes Just Got Cooler with CustomQRCodes.com


Tomasz Wieczorek and John Varacalli, CEOs of BeQRious.com, in partnership with  AzonMedia digital agency, today unveiled CustomQRCodes.com, a top-notch service that offers customized QR codes for individuals and businesses for use in their marketing and personal branding campaigns.

Especially designed to be informative, educational and easy-to-use, CustomQRCodes.com capitalizes on its expert knowledge of QR codes combined with the talents of its excellent team of graphic artists to come up with a custom-designed QR code that would fit every client’s needs.

The use of QR codes has gained widespread acceptance among both marketers and consumers, with more and more companies opting to include a QR code to their marketing initiatives.  Top brands such as Macy’s, Nike, Adidas, CK, HBO, among others, have made their posters, advertisements, flyers and brochures interactive, connecting these offline materials with online information and content through QR codes.  More and more consumers, on the other hand, have scanned QR codes over the past year. Indeed, it has been noted that education and awareness about QR codes have accelerated over the last year.

On top of its expertise in QR code technology and standards, CustomQRCodes.com hopes to be able to help businesses come up with better looking codes for use in their materials.  

Not only that, the people at CustomQRCodes.com can help companies reinforce their branding strategies by helping them adapt their QR codes to already existing brands.

“If you have seen a QR code before and thought it was boring, unattractive and monochromatic, then it is time to see what we have to offer,” Mr. Varacall and Mr. Wieczorek, also partners of CustomQRCodes.com, said.

A Sample Custom Design QR Code from CustomQRCode.com

Mr. Varacalli, Mr. Wieczorek and Patsy OConnor, CEO of AzonMedia, have long been in the business of QR codes, first starting out as enthusiasts who saw how QR codes could help businesses get more out of their marketing budget.  Mr. Varacalli launched his first commercial QR code site, BeQRious.com, in early 2009, at a time when QR codes were virtually unheard of in the United States. 

Through BeQRious.com, Mr. Varacalli and Mr. Wieczorek have contributed to the education and information dissemination related to the proper use of QR codes in marketing, education, business and personal branding.  “We have thought that QR codes could do more and that businesses could benefit from this expanded use and acceptance of QR codes.  Now we found a way to further strengthen your brands, while taking advantage of the benefits that QR codes could bring you.” Mr. Varacalli and Mr. Wieczorek added.

At CustomQRCodes.com, businesses and individuals can get:


  • An intuitive and attractive custom QR code design
  • Custom designs that match existing designs of marketing materials and collaterals
  • Custom QR code designs that match the company’s branding and image
  • A team of highly experienced QR code and marketing professionals to give advice on QR codes
  • A team of highly skilled graphic artists to design unique codes for clients
  • Tips on how to properly implement a QR code campaign

A Sample Custom Design QR Code from CustomQRCode.com

Mr. Varacalli, Mr. Wieczorek and Mr. OConnor noted, “The main reason why CustomQRCodes.com exists is that we wanted to bring together branding professionals, QR code experts, and highly skilled graphic artists to do the work for companies and their marketing team.”

Taking its cue from its sister site, CustomQRCodes.com also aims to educate marketers and consumers about the importance and proper utilization of QR codes.  

This new Web service is scheduled to launch in June 2011, but the site is already open for people wanting to know more about and get their own customized QR code designs!

For more information about CustomQRCodes.com customized QR design solutions, please visit http://www.CustomQRCodes.com.

A Sample Custom Design QR Code from CustomQRCode.com.  
(For more samples, please see our gallery!)


Media Contact:

John Varacalli

Custom QR Codes

e-mail: info@CustomQRCodes.com

855- QR – Codes 


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