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Folli Follie New Window Mobile QR Code Campaign In Japan


Recently, we had the heads up from those who were QR Code fans who traveled to Japan often and found out that a popular Japanese jewelry and fashion accessories company called Folli Follie has teamed up the QR Code marketing campaign with vehicle wrap. We wrote something about how effective it was to mobilize a QR Code campaign with vehicle wrap advertising earlier and we see that it is taking flight.

The QR Code that they created was a highly classic and elegant one with the brand name’s logo embedded right smack in the middle of it. It acts like a window display so that people who walk past can access the company’s website on their mobile phones. For those who don’t know what QR Codes are, it’s a type of barcode that ordinary folks like you and me who owns smart phones and android phones can access. When you scan the QR Code with your smart phone camera, you get access to information and it also links to web pages. With QR Codes, you no longer need to remember URLS or long website addresses.

Anyway, the said Japanese company is set to promote their new line with a brand new QR Code campaign by combining it with a contest offering prizes. The funny thing about this whole QR Code campaign is that they led users to a PC-friendly web page (their home page) and not a mobile-friendly website. Considering the fact that Japan’s been at it for such a long time, they would have realized the importance of creating a mobile-friendly website for their QR Code campaigns.

When users try to view the conventional web page, it comes up funny.

Anyhow, Folli Follie customers, with the lure of prizes, might not mind the funny-looking website after all. Not when you stand a chance to win prizes just for visiting the website. You could head over to their website for a look-around if you are interested in their products but it’s in Japanese. http://www.follifollie.co.jp

Here’s the QR Code that they placed on their window.

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