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Five Mobile Apps That You Simply Must Try


Getting tired of the mobile apps that you have on your smartphone or tablet right now? Then try out these free mobile apps.


Yap is a music discovery app that works just like Spotify, Shazam and Pandora. These mobile apps help you discover new songs based on your preferences.

Yap is the newest kid on the block and it is differentiating itself from the established music discovery services in that it scours your Facebook profile to see what you have liked. It will also check out your iTunes to see what music you have already listened to. Then it will come up with a list of recommendations.

Carbon for Twitter

If you love Twitter, then you would love Carbon. It takes all your Twitter feeds into a single front page and lets you work from there. It also helps that the user interface looks cool too!

Meme Generator Free

What would the Internet be like without those humorous memes. Meme Generator Free allows you to join in the fun. It has more than 500 of the world’s most popular memes all ready for you to personalize. From 1990s Problems, Bad Luck Brian, Brace yourselves, Good Guy Greg, Yao Ming, McKayla Is Not Impressed, Neil DeGrasse, That Escalated Quickly, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, it is all here!

Pixel Dungeon

If you are getting tired of all those candy crushing, or if you are seriously doubting whether Candy Crush is manly, then you should get Pixel Dungeon.

It has pixel graphics and a very simple interface, but do not be fooled, you will be hooked with this game.

Series Guide

If you love watching TV series, but you have a hard time keeping up with where you left off or the last episode you have watched, then check out Series Guide.

Series Guide also keeps you informed on what to expect on upcoming episodes, as well as give you suggestions on what series to watch next.

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