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Five Million Users Undrew Draw Something

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When Draw Something hit the market, everyone (except for this writer over here) went nuts. Everyday, as updated on Facebook and many other online social networking accounts, people drew something to let their friends guess. For a while, it was fun.

‘It’s awesome because when you have nothing to do, like lounging around in the bath or sitting through a commercial on television, you can pick the phone up and draw something up and share it with your friends. It is a stress reliever and also a brand new way to connect with your friends without having to actually leave the house, the room or the bathroom!’ so says Lauren, an avid Draw Something fan. She continues to hound her friend with her drawings but sadly notes that some of her friends have opted out of the game, with some even uninstalling it already.

It was reported that after it was launched earlier this year, the game caught on like wild fire and you know what they say about climbing higher…the greater the fall, that is.

In this case, although there has been no response from the app developer, OMGPOP has yet to respond or reveal a new twist or game plan but market watchers’ been waiting patiently as they observed that over the past few months, Draw Something lost over five million of their followers…that is a third of fans.

What happened, really?

We are not too sure why the sudden decrease but people have been speculating that the game, while interesting at first, will start to get old and boring. People can only draw ‘something’ using the same features, the same tools with the same friends for a short period of time. And besides, we live in a modern age where people are just hungry for something new all the time. If an app does not develop along with its followers, they will be dropped. Like a hat. Without a moment’s notice. Loyalty in the online world is almost non-existent.

However, this writer would like to note that most of the time, the simplest of ideas are the best to work with. I mean, what can be simpler than to take the cue from kids. Kids do it all the time in school or during recess…they scribble on pieces of paper and get their friends to guess. This is just an electronic and online version of a kids’ game.

Mobile users, unlike kids, grow up way faster than that but just like kids, they are always on the look out for something new. Can’t wait to hear what OMGPOP has to say about the sudden nosedive in users.

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2 Responses to Five Million Users Undrew Draw Something

  1. Christy May 11, 2012, 6:56 pm

    In addition to not including new features Draw Something failed to introduce new items to draw. The same choices appeared relentlessly. The game became a chore.

    • marsha May 13, 2012, 10:34 am

      it’s true. app and game developers need to continue improving and updating the app, otherwise, it becomes a big turn off and the developers might get a bad rep because of it.

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