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Five Amazing Things You Could Easily Do with BeQRious QR Code Generator


BeQRious has always strived hard to make sure that it gives you the best of everything there is to offer. For marketing tips to QR code best practices, you can find a lot of useful resources from the site.

We have always been very proud of our free QR code generator. We are glad to tell you that there have been a lot of changes to the generator over the past few months. Here are five amazing things that you could do with the BeQRious QR code generator that makes it the best out of all other QR code generators there are!

1. Hide your email address from spammers.

Spammers usually run software that help them harvest e-mail addresses from sites. Others literally scan your business cards and marketing materials to get your e-mail address.

If you do not want to give your customers a hard time in getting your e-mail address, but you do not want spammers adding you to their list, then use a QR code!

2. Help people send you an SMS message faster!

You could also use our generator to instantly open a new message on the scanner’s mobile phone. Because your mobile number is already automatically inputted, all the scanner has to do is to key in the message that he or she wants to send.

What’s more, there is no room for mistakes from copying your number from wherever they find it.

3. Save space on your business card while leaving no information out.

Today’s highly connected professionals have a lot of contact numbers and details. If you want a simple business card or do not want to make it look cluttered, you can put up a QR code that would give your colleagues all the information they want.

Or you could even pique their interest by putting no contact details at all on your business card, just the QR code and some instructions on what to do with it.

4. Customize your QR code with colors.

If you want to enforce your branding or just want a different set of colors from the normal black and white QR codes, you could easily get that by using our generator. You can turn your QR code from black to just about any color you want!

5. Customize your QR code with your logo or photo.

Why stop with colors? With our QR code generator, it would be very easy to add your own logo or even your photo to your QR codes!

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