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Film festival organizers delighted with QR Code technology


Just like we said, the entertainment, arts and fashion industry are the very industries who are absolutely DELIRIOUS with the development of QR Codes. They believe that this is the future of marketing and have started promoting films via QR Codes by printing QR Codes on posters and all other marketing materials related to the films that they are promoting.

There are three film festivals coming up in the very near future using QR Codes. One film festival on the east coast, the other two on the west coast. The organizers strongly believe that QR Code is the link that all of us need to bridge the online world together with the offline one. In the fast, modern and impatient (we have to add that in, of course) world that we live in today, speed is key to….well, pretty much everything.

One of them is the Port Townsend Film Festival which is a three-day film promotion event happening from the 24th to the 26th of September this year. The other film festivals include the New Hampshire Film Festival and the Edmonds International Film Festival, both happening in October this year. As reported, the organizers spent time and money incorporating QR Codes to their program guides, tickets, t-shirts, ads placed in magazines and newspapers, cupcakes, cookies, tattoos, etc. This is SERIOUS BUSINESS. :-)

Of course, being a film festival, visitors to the festival will also find QR Codes leading to trailers, interviews and other downloadable material relating to the movies of their choice.

Not only are the organizers of the festival extremely excited with QR Code technology, it seems that the film makers find it intriguing too. They believe that with the implementation of QR Codes, it makes the experience of the visitors much more enriching and memorable. Because some of the films are actually indie films, it is of no surprise at all that they appreciate the extra exposure tremendously.

Although knowing very little about the potential of QR Codes, they are not afraid to explore what it could mean for them in the future. Whatever it is, it looks like they are in this for the long haul.

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