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Fendi’s In It “QR Codes”


Everyone already knows that there’s a wild-fire spread in the advertising and marketing industry in the UK and that almost everyone is accepting the QR Code mobile marketing solution quite openly now. But there are always firsts when it comes to big brand names.

And today, we’ve spotted another first….Fendi.

Fendi is an Italian brand best-known for their handbags than anything else but since its launch way back in 1925, they’ve come a long way and they’re producing a lot of other things now, like furs, fragrances, eye-wear, watches and pens. From Rome, the brand’s luxuriously beautiful products have made it all the way around the world, available now in almost every single country. If you wanted to know more about the brand, check out Karl Lagerfeld who is one of the most amazingly creative people in the world. He’s the name behind the success of the Fendi brand.

In UK, someone recently spotted a print advertisement in one of their local newspapers by Fendi which spotted the black-and-white square box on the bottom left corner. This is an indication that the QR Code technology is beginning to grow even more rapidly in the country. When looking at it from another point of view, it’s also a sign that advertising agencies and marketing consultancy companies are pushing forth these ideas to big brand.

In the beginning, these companies had trouble pushing the idea of QR Code marketing to big brand names and met with incredible resistance. But it seems like everything’s about to change a little and the consumers are more accepting of the concept now.

What would be interesting is if we could actually see the QR Code embedded or printed directly on the products itself and each QR Code comes with a special message and each limited edition version of these handbags carry their own QR Code – now, it’s just an idea but that would be an interesting idea to explore for a brand as big as Fendi.

Not only will the QR Codes be on the handbags but on all other items as well. The technology of QR Code, the way we see it, is becoming almost ubiquitous.

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