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Fresh and unique ideas on what to do with QR Codes come when you least expect it. The potential for QR Code is so exponential that you just can’t help but think beyond what it can do for so many other things in life! You could literally do anything with QR Codes because the codes can contain so much information and all it takes is just a snap.

Some people have already come up with QR Codes ideas on food, accessories, clothing and marketing material. And now, as evidence that the fad of using QR Code is hitting the US of A very rapidly, it’s hit calendars. Yes, calendars. Scott Jensen accidentally ‘bumped’ into the idea of printing QR Codes into calendars while he at work for his Office Medics Express company in Wisconsin. Jensen’s idea is to place these QR Codes into the calendars so that people who use the calendar, if they’re curious enough, can find out historical events and inventions that had occurred on that date! Brilliant idea. As for how many people would actually take the trouble to find out the information with the mobile phone as opposed to using Google, we don’t know but it is a clever way to incorporate the use of QR codes into our daily lives.

It seems as though Jensen’s idea will help fan the wild spreading fire of QR Code. Customers who know what QR Codes are for will grab the calendars up in a snap. Customers who walk in without knowing what those tiny little squares are will ask him what it is and purchase it anyway. Business, from the looks of it, is good.

There’s lots of business to be made with QR Code so, in this trying economy, perhaps some of you should try coming up with ideas on how to utilize QR Codes into your business or perhaps come up with a totally original way of using QR Codes to market your business or sell new products.

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