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Fashion Line With Lots More Than Just Personality


There’s one thing to name a unique piece of garment, it is quite another to give it a whole unique personality! Would it mean anything to do to know that a piece of clothing that you own or are wearing is completely unique to you? Would you pay good money to know who designed it, who made the fabric, get to know the person who assembled it together? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could watch the workers at it?

Sounds impossible but this is exactly what they are doing with IOU Project which, reportedly, went live last week. The project tracks each unique clothing’s journey with a very unique QR Code. The QR Code links the fashion line up to Facebook and some other mobile apps to help consumers understand more about what they are having on their backs.

There are scarves, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants on sale and each and every single one of them is unique and comes with their very own QR Code. The code even lets wearers see the fabric being created – so, this is really amazing stuff! In fact, for iPhone users, there is an app that consumers can use to take a photo of them wearing that specific piece of clothing and upload it online to get a spin onto the story of the item.

Actually, the project works both ways. Number one, consumers get to see the behind-the-scene for the clothing. Number two, the designers, makers and weavers who put time, money and energy into that specific piece of clothing gets to see who wears it! And all this is happening with the wonderful connectivity of QR Codes and internet.

The clothes start their journey from India in a Southern State of India where the fabric is woven. Then the completed fabric makes its way to a fashion capital somewhere in Europe. They immaculately ensure that no two fabrics are alike. The items are then sold to consumers via IOU’s website. This breakthrough project seems to be using technology like online social media sites and QR Codes to cut costs and bring as much profit to the people who actually came up with it.

In fact, interested parties can also decide to take the item up and sell it online via their network on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. The item, however, can be reserved for a period of 21 days.

Owners of the project believe that they have just put a twist to e-commerce and mobile shopping…and we couldn’t agree more. It would be interesting to see more and more of such creative spin-offs coming up in the near future.  


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