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Falken Gets Wheely Into QR Code


As far as the consumer industry is concerned, PR companies and advertising agencies are already experiencing a slow but definite increase in the number of people twiddling with QR Codes via their promotional campaigns. The automobiles sector is a little slow-going, however.

But things are about to change because Falken Tire Corp, we heard, is ready to unveil and launch a QR Code promotional campaign. Representatives of the tire maker thinks that there is an eventual increase in the number of people who owns and actively makes use of smart phones. People will begin to change their mobile phones – from the conventional ones to ones that can access the internet like Blackberry and iPhones – QR Code will become more relevant. This is what representatives of the company said.

If you do not know what QR Codes is, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. In short, QR Code is a square-like box with a mish-mash of black and white patches. If you have been to Japan, you may have spotted them and not know what they are. These are actually Quick Response codes which have been in use in Japan for countless number of years. It acts like a physical link to the online world…pretty much like this link here. Http://www.beqrious.com. When you load up a QR Code reader (at the moment, has to be separately installed), you use the phone’s camera to ‘scan’ the code and it will lead you to a link or unveil specific messages.

Anyway, Falken is hoping that with the new QR Code promotional campaign, they can reach further into consumer marketing, perhaps reaching and winning over new consumers. These QR Codes that leads users to M.falkentire.com will be printed along with print ads, stickers and maybe even race cars.

The company understands that consumers today are not only sophisticated and tech-savvy, but they are very impatient when it comes to finding information. Andrew Hoit, the director or marketing for Falken, say that the consumers are moving fast and we live in a very cluttered world; hence, the need to explore every possible way to move along with the consumers. The same way they develop new technology for making tires for one generation to the next

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