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Facebook’s Rooftop QR Code – Hype Over Practicality


It’s sometimes all about the hype…not like Facebook needs help with hype, it is already as big a hype as hype can get. But from the looks of it, news about Mark Zuckerberg’s employees climbing onto the rooftop of their new CA office building (armed with paint, crazy ideas and beer) tells me that it is more about showing their love for creativity and the company than anything else.

Says one employee, ‘This is just one of the greatest examples about why I love working here’. I am assuming that he is referring to the fact that someone came up with something crazy to do and everyone eventually hopping into it and creating a buzz around the office which officially got everyone on top of the roof. Amazing stuff.

Earlier, Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said that they intended to launch a Space Hackathon referring to the move of the Facebook HQ to Menlo Park in CA. They wanted to make Facebook or the office visible from space. If you were on a plane (or an alien trying to invade planet Earth), you can scan the 42 feet mega QR Code quite effectively. Apparently, they tried it out with a mini copter and the scan was successful. I don’t know of many other people who have scanned the code so, am not sure where the QR Code is going to bring you.

The original idea is less crazy than it sounds. The creator first said that the QR Code is going to get Facebook RickRoll-ed on online maps which simply mean that using Google Maps to find the office is going to be a scan away. On top of that, the QR Code’s creation is also to point people to the careers section of their website, which explains the employees’ enthusiasm and excitement at creating the said code. It was reported that the QR Code will point to the ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ Geocities page….anyone know what this is all about?

The Facebook employees pulled out an all-nighter for the QR Code and finished painting the code right before midnight. By then, it was too dark to verify if the code worked. So, the next morning, one of the staff got hold of a quadcopter and strapped it with a good Canon camera and took a picture of the QR Code. The work did not, they explained, go to waste. The QR Code worked.

So, for this activity, it was more of a hype-building thing and not a practical practice. But hype is good when it helps bring the staff together. A nice and motivating project for any office, I would say.

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