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Facebook Tinkering With QR Codes


As at the point of writing this article, statistics show that although many people are ‘hooked’ to their Facebook profiles, they usually are hooked when they are either sitting down in front of their personal computer at home or in the office. Or they would be in a cafe waiting for a friend to arrive, surfing and updating their Facebook pages on their laptops with free Wifi.

Only smart phone and android mobile phone users are connected to their Facebook accounts with their phones. There is an increasing number of people who make no bones about whipping out their smart phones, be it an iPhone, Nexus One or iPhone, and spend some time just loitering around Facebook pages, examining the lives (status updates) of their friends or relatives or commenting on posts.

Just take a look around you if you are in a bar or in a cafe or restaurant. Do you not agree that there are more people who are staring or prodding at their mobile phones now than ever before. Many years ago, people generally sent short text messages to friends. Now, they are everywhere.

Those who are keen on technology and are up-to-date with the developments on the Web 2.0 front will know that it has been leaked that Facebook is tinkering around with QR Codes. At this point in time, you could literally go ahead and create a QR Code link to your Facebook profile page any time you want and have it printed on anything you wish. We are wondering how Facebook’s interest will change things?

Automatic link creation? Quick adding of friends on Facebook? We’re not sure.

There is a definite rise in the number of people who finally recognizes the powerful use of QR Codes, and it is all thanks to the promotion of smart phones. Now, there are countless ways for people to connect wherever they are and on the move. In fact, some large brand names are already beginning to see the future of QR Code usage.

But how will this development affect Facebook users? Brand promotion, loyalty programs, ticketing, offering of exclusive media downloads, networking and also promotion of blogs and websites become cheaper when QR Code is involved.

At this point in time, Facebook representatives are keeping their lips zipped about how they are planning to make use of and integrate QR Codes but from the sounds of it, it is going to be one amazing leap into the future

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