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Facebook Apps Add At Least 182,000 Jobs


BeQRious has always said that companies and brands need mobile apps in order to market their products and services better. This is especially true nowadays as more and more people start using smartphones and tablets to go online.

Apps are really convenient. It lessens the steps that a user has to go through to open a website, check the news, or update his or her Facebook status page. It also helps extend your site’s functionality, so you are not just limited by a platform that you use. For example, instead of just having a boring Facebook business page, you could use apps to allow your users to play games, get in touch with you or any other functionality that you think would fit your brand.

But it seems that there is another reason for getting into apps: it create more jobs.

Researchers from the University of Maryland Smith School of Business has found that companies who are involved in creating Facebook apps have added 182,000 new jobs. And this is a very conservative estimate.

Jobs are very important especially in economic downturns like the one we are in now. In fact, the number of jobs added monthly is one of the many indicators of how healthy or how ailing our economy is. 182,000 people are not filing unemployment claims because of Facebook apps.

If that is not enough, the researchers also said that in total, Facebook apps paid more than $12 billion in salaries, wages and benefits.

If you are going to be aggressive about it, the researchers say that Facebook apps are responsible for 235,644 jobs and close to $16 billion paid out.

Take note, however, that these estimates also include those businesses that supply companies that are involved in creating Facebook apps. That is responsible for 129,000 to more than 180,000 people. Nevertheless, it is an encouraging picture. Just think if the study also included other apps such as Apple iOS apps or Android apps?

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