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Explain Away – Ways To Get People To Pull Out Their Cell Phones


In a recent study, it was revealed that more than seventy two percent of smart phone users who have scanned QR Codes before found that they remembered the product and brand more…just because there was a QR Code there. These consumers also said that they were, then, in a better position to recall the ad later on when they are out shopping or walking in the park when their minds are idle.

If that is anything to go by, then we are infinitely more sure of the fact that mobile is the way to go. And the most amazing thing is also the fact that (depending on QR Code reader) the QR Code can be saved as a bookmark on one’s phone. So what if they forgot what the URL was? Load up the reader and there you have it.

The biggest reason why people found ads with QR Codes more memorable is that the idea is new (now). Sure, there are loads of these ads with QR Codes printed out on them but they are still few and far in between if you compared it to what it is like in Japan. Everything, quite literally, had a QR Code on it.

On top of that QR Codes make the ad stand out. Amongst the hundreds of ads in a magazine or in a newspaper, you have two or three (at this point in time) which used a QR Code. It’s like ‘Ad, ad, ad, ad…hey, what’s that? A QR Code! Cool, let’s try it!’.

The figures presented above might be an encouraging piece of news but the rate of people accessing them is still quite low. People notice them but most are skirting around the code trying to figure out how they worked and if it was some sort of a trap. Skeptical thinking…this is just one of those obstacles that the industry will eventually overcome. Yes, I say ‘eventually’.

To help people overcome the skepticism, we have always encouraged advertisers who wishes to launch a QR Code campaign to EXPLAIN and ENTICE mobile phone users. A simple line like ‘scan this for 5 percent discount’ or ‘win new TV, scan this’ or ‘interact on Facebook’. Then mobile users know what they are in for.

If you wanted to give people discount or run a store-wide promotion, explain it. It’s the perfect chance because people usually don’t mind going through the trouble of scanning the QR Code when it comes to freebies and discounts. If their experience was good, there you have it…a new customer and also a QR Code enthusiast!

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