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I can’t actually find the heart to blame all those advert execs for going absolutely nuts with QR Codes – we, over here in BeQRious are crazy about them too – and I personally find their over-the-top usage of QR Codes if not amusing, then astonishingly inspiring. Recently, a company went out of their way, with 80 gallons of paint together with the energy and effort provided by scores of people, to create the world’s largest QR Code. They painted it over a race track, by the way. 

Anyway, there were comments that the QR Code seems pointless and crazy since not many people are going to be able to scan it. I would like to point out that that is not necessarily true because during race season, people are going to be sitting on the stands and those near to where the QR Code is can see and scan the QR Code from afar. 

Apart from the news about the world’s (current) largest QR Code, I caught wind about Bartizan releasing an award-winning smart phone app that has its eyes set on tradeshows and exhibition organizers. With the application, exhibitors can get instant information about attendees who may be interested in products and services that the exhibitor is offering. This may sound like a very common QR Code strategy, and honestly speaking, it sounds just like your everyday conventional QR Code. 

What differentiates the mobile app from other apps and services is that exhibitors can SCAN, KEEP and TRACK the attendees’ personal information. But that is not all there is to it…exhibitors can use the information to, in the future, GET IN TOUCH with the attendees. While this is good news for exhibitors, I am wondering what the consumers’ sentiments are about this feature. Are they willing to let exhibitors have their personal contact information so easily and readily? As it is, consumers are complain about being inundated too many advertisements on apps that they load (for free) on their smart phones, are they willing to allow such further intrusion?

If iLeads, the name of the smart phone application, allows for optional inclusion of information on the QR Code printed – as in the attendee gets to decide precisely what information is revealed (yes to email, no to phone number) – that would be cool. If it was a requirement, I am not sure it is such a good thing. If I placed myself in the position of the consumer, the requirement might even serve as a deterrent from participating in the forum, event, exhibition or road show. 

The report revealed that the app can help connect the exhibitor and attendee once the lead is captured right there and then on the showroom floor. What do YOU think of the idea and app? Yay or Nay? 

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