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EVO2 San Francisco Stores Offering Discounts With QR Code Scan


Everyone loves good deals and Verizon knows it. I picked this up from a press release so if you are looking for a new smartphone and looking for some discounts and you live in San Francisco, then you have come to the right place.

Bay Area Verizon companies are placing QR Codes at the front of their stores and if you scanned the code, you instantly get a $100 savings. Yes, save $100 just for scanning a QR Code, quite a bit of savings there.  


The representatives are banking on the fact that many people are willing to change from their conventional phones to a smart phone and are willing to scan a simple code to get the discount. The representative also mentioned that all they needed to do was to scan the code, tell their friends about the fab deal and they instantly get the discount – it is all that simple.

Now, if you took a look at the strategy, you will see why I would say that it is smart and simple. It’s viral.

One friend telling another and then another and it goes on. According to reports, when the smart phone user scanned the QR Code, it would take them to a page that lets them ‘tell their friends’ about the discount by posting a message on the user’s Facebook wall. All of you people worried about all the hacking and spamming activities that has been going around on the internet and online social networking sites of late, we think EVO2’s got it covered that the post will be verified.

The promotion is valid from July 19th to July 26th so, this could be your chance to ditch the conventional phone and opt for a smart one.

For those of you who are not familiar with what QR Codes are and what they can do, here’s what it is in the nutshell. It is a barcoding system that has been in use in Japan and some other parts of the world for nearly a decade before it came to American shore. It works ALMOST the same way as the 2D barcode that we have on our packaging and stuff…only more powerful and flexible because you do not need a special scanner to read the code. Everyday people like you and me with a smart phone can read it with a software called a QR Code reader.

And you know what is even more amazing about it? You can create your own QR Code for free. For those of you who intend to go even further, customize your own QR Code here. 



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