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Everything You Need to Know When You Are Updating Your Apps


You finally have your mobile app and you have put it up on the appropriate app market. Now you are seeing downloads and installs and you are happy with what you see.

Work’s done, right?

Wrong. As with anything on the Internet, being updated and refreshed is a very important component of your mobile apps. So how do you update your mobile apps?

1. Know what version number to give it.

You just cannot release a version 2 of your app if all you did were minor tweaks. To help people understand if you did a minor or major revision to your app follow the major.minor.revision form when you names your version number.

For example, BeQRious for Android version 5.4.2 would mean that the app has had 5 major updates, 4 minor ones after the fifth update has been released and two revisions to the latest minor update.

2. Fix bugs.

It is normal for a mobile app to have errors in it that you may have overlooked when you test it. With all the different devices and different OS out there, it would be close to impossible to come up with an app that works on all devices during your first or second try. If you or any of your users discover a bug, then it’s time for a revision. Fixing bugs will improve your app’s functionality and prevent it from crashing.

3. Add features.

There are also times when your users would tell you that they want this or that feature added to your app. Heed them, or they will start to look for another app that does what they want.

This is also applicable for removing features. You might think that having a clicking sound added to your camera app is cool, but it might annoy your users, so you might as well mute it.

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