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Ensogo Unveils QR Code Billboard Campaign in Bangkok


Ensogo has launched a new billboard campaign in Bangkok, Thailand. The billboards feature a series of quick response codes that promote deals for luxury products and services.

The daily deals site put up its billboards at the Thonglor BTC station. The location is deemed appropriate as it is frequented by Ensogo campaign’s target market: Bangkok’s jet-setters and frequent travelers. These billboards promote luxury-related products, from golf clubs to vacations.

Ensogo is the biggest daily deals site in Thailand. It was earlier acquired by Living Social.

While Ensogo’s latest campaign is a testament to the widespread adoption of QR code technology, there are also a few things about it that businesses who wish to embark on their own QR code campaign must take note of:

1. Ensogo’s ads contained no explanation about what QR codes are and what people should do with these codes. This is one of the things we have always reminded you against. So as to make sure your QR code marketing effort succeeds, always bear in mind that not a lot of people are informed about these two-dimensional matrix barcodes. In fact, there’s still a huge number of people who have never scanned a QR code before. In effect, ads without explanations are basically useless to people who just don’t know about QR codes.

2. The ads have an issue with timeliness. Some people who have come across an Ensogo ad complain that some of the deals or offers being featured are already expired.

3. Some URLs bring up a security warning. Some warn of a mismatch between the name of the website and the certificate.

4. The ads didn’t take advantage of the codes’ ability to carry video content. Many users think that video content are the most suited and the most effective for mobile phone consumption . Why? Because videos are more stimulating and requires a lot less concentration that plain text.

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