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Enormous Leap Ahead For Mississippi Museum


Lest you think that QR Codes technology is reserved for the hip, young, trendy, relatively rich and generally speaking, party-goers, here’s something that will change your mind.

Acknowledging that QR Code is the next big thing in marketing, John Sutter, The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium’s marketing representative said that the museum is excited to be in on on this relatively new tool. With a team of people currently building a mobile-friendly website for the museum’s fans and visitors, they are expecting the mobile version website to be up early 2011.

For those who are new to QR Codes, these are called Quick Response Codes. The codes act pretty much the same way that the conventional 2d barcode works except for the fact that you do not need a specific scanner to access the code. All you need to do is to download a QR Code reader from the internet (which is free of charge), install it into a smart phone and then you’re off to a brand new way of accessing online information.

The QR Codes technology was first introduced to the world in 1990 in Japan but the rest of the world were late in catching up. Hence, use of QR Codes was limited to and pretty much exclusive to the Japanese. That is no longer the case as the rest of the world had begun to see the amazing capabilities of the technology.

Visitors of the museum or to the mobile site can download PDF version of their brochure, browse the website for more information and get updated news online and on the move. Stuff like new exhibits, information about the museum’s upgrades and features can be found on the mobile website.

The reason River Museum is adapting the technology is because they foresee extensive use of QR Codes throughout the Port Dubuque facility. With the code, anyone with a smart phone can access the website without needing to type a string of URL codes into the phone’s web browser. Eventually, the QR Code will be printed on brochures, business cards, flyers, corporate profiles, tickets and all other promotional materials as well.

In the words of their representative, the potential is enormous.

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