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Enhanced Tourist Experience in Long Beach, QR Codes Used


Ever been to Long Beach? No? Well, now is as good a time to organize a trip there but no, this is not a travel article or an attempt at promoting Long Beach. We are keeping true to our blog theme here…which is QR Codes. The reason why the topic Long Beach came into the picture today is because according to sources, Long Beach is now very smart phone-friendly.

What this means is that smart phone users will have a more educational and pleasurable time exploring and learning about Long Beach. At some places, you can actually find QR Codes plastered onto displays, screens, windows and stuff like that. Maybe even in guide books too, we are not really THAT sure.

For this current launch, we think it’s a fantastic idea because they are targeting tourists from many other parts of the world who are armed with Smart Phones, who want to learn more about Long Beach and each of its beautiful and scenic destinations on-the-go.

At the present moment, the QR Codes are seen on 29 points of interest within Long Beach, hence, if you are tourist and you are staring at a strange looking mangled-up box, that is a QR Code and that is your cue to pull out your smart phone (for example, iPhone or Blackberry), load up your QR Code reader and snap a photo of the QR Code. You will then be led to an online web page whereby the authorities get to share with you, more information about the said destination.

For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with QR Code technology, here’s a little explanation. QR Codes is a form of code that links you, literally (with your phone) to the online world. When scanned, the QR Code takes mobile phone users to online content, websites, blogs, online social networking sites, forums, message boards, Youtube videos and much, much more.

With QR Codes being used in Long Beach, the need to rely on those out-dated and sometimes unreliable guide books. All you need is the internet on your phone. Along Long Beach’s Discovery Trail, there are already nineteen of these QR Codes to be found. They explain to you, the unique and educational information that can only enhance your experience when you are in Long Beach.

Indeed, the Long Beach Councilmen was quoted as hinting on expanding the use of QR Codes in the future because of its flexibility and exciting possibilities.

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