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Enhanced Interactivity With Consumers Part Of Good Branding Exercise


Everyone talks about marketing and selling all the time, nobody (except for the experts) notices that QR Codes can be used and seen as a branding and re-branding tool too.

In the fast-paced consumer-driven world that we are living in today, it is crucial that we maintain a direct link or contact with our target market. Experts acknowledges that with QR Codes, marketing efforts receive a boost too. We would like to use Universal Pictures as an example. They have been actively making use of QR Codes as part of their efforts in promoting their films. They know that consumers want information, information and then more information. And they are willing to bend over backwards to bring the information to their consumers.

With QR Codes, they engage their consumer with live content because they know that people of today DEMAND instant response and have very little patience for incompetence. Universal Pictures is currently promoting the movie, The World, with a QR Code. Curious consumers are encouraged to scan the QR Code to download or view the movie trailer online.

In the meantime, manufacturer of Brooks shoes started promoting Ghost 3 running shoes with a QR Code printed onto their marketing collateral too. Printed onto direct mailers, the said QR Codes were mailed to (reportedly) more than ten-thousand of their customers and also t-shirts of their employees. The QR Code leads consumers to FinishLine.com (or the mobile version) which leads mobile users to an interesting video.

You see, while Universal Pictures if promoting their films with QR Code, Brooks’s efforts sings a different tune. Yes, they are launching a brand new line of shoes but what they are also doing is reminding their consumers about who they are and the things that they are doing to make the decision-making process an easier one.

These companies see the true potential of QR Code technology, understands their target market and is willing to expand their vision to bring information directly to the people who demand it as and when they demand it. If more companies make use of QR Code these way, they are branding and re-branding not only new products, they are reinventing the way the consumers see them as a company too.

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