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Embarking on a Mobile Marketing Campaign? Optimizing Your Site is not Enough!


We know what the studies and surveys say. Mobile marketing is the trend these days, with more and more people using their smartphones and other mobile devices to do a growing list of tasks. Plus, more and more consumers are basing their purchasing decisions over how brands carry out their mobile marketing and advertising campaigns.

So if you have not embarked on a mobile marketing for your brand just yet but are already planning to jump on the bandwagon, the number one thing you need to remember is this: Optimizing your Web site for mobile use is never enough. Sure, optimizing your site is essential, but it does not end there as it is only one step of a long process.

What other steps do you need to take? There are no definite steps to take. Everything depends on what kind of mobile marketing campaign you plan to take on. Do you plan on an SMS marketing campaign? Or perhaps a social media marketing campaign? Or maybe you plan on creating a special app?

Whatever you decide on, just make sure that your marketing strategy involves these characteristics:

It should be something that occupies your consumers’ time. Consumers are most likely to use their smartphones and mobile devices when they need to kill the time. Like when they are on the subway, when they are waiting for their bus, when they are waiting to fall asleep, or when they are on a disastrous blind date. The key is to provide your consumers something to do so that they will have their attention on you.

It should be easy to do. Marketing campaigns always call on consumers to do something. It’s called a call to action. But whatever it is you want people to do, make sure it is easy. Let them do something complicated and difficult, and something that involves way too many steps, and your consumers would be out the door.

It should lead to rewards, prizes, benefits, or anything of value to consumers. Always highlight the benefit that consumers will get from clicking on a button or link, from joining a promo that you are holding, from visiting your mobile Web site, from signing in to your mobile newsletter, etc. It is only when consumers like what they stand to get from you that they will spend time on your campaign.

Now, do you know what fits the bill and has all these qualities? QR codes! A QR code campaign is something that would surely help consumers fill time, something that involves easy and user-friendly steps, and something that you can connect with something advantageous for consumers.

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