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Education Made Interesting By Incorporating QR Codes Into Books


Kids, as always, are always thirsty for information, knowledge and fun. But not all of them learn well the conventional way, albeit, with their noses buried in a book and regurgitating the information found in them. Some kids simply learn better and quicker when the methodology for learning involves technology, like a computer or a mobile phone.

There is a sharp increase in the number of kids (from age 10 onwards) owning smart phones. These devices not just connect them to their friends and family members, but cell phones also connect them to the world of internet, like Twitter and Facebook too. They get to view videos online, find materials to write about and also do their research for homework. And can you blame them for liking it?

Imagine if there were books with QR Codes linking to specially-designed mobile-friendly web pages where school-going children get to read more about a particular topic that they are learning about in school. Better yet, a video. It could be a link to a video on Youtube or something done up by Discovery Channel.

‘We find that the kids are really quick to catch on with technology, and we, the adults, are dumb-founded with how quickly they learn and absorb the information that they find on their computers and cell phones. It is almost equivalent to a week of learning from a book,’ says Samantha, a mother of three school-going children.

The kids can also bring the QR Code encoded books with them everywhere that they go and continue to access the information, for example, while waiting for a bus or a queue.

Many schools, however, continue to prefer the conventional way of teaching, which might be outdated and preferred by some parents but we think that mobile technology like QR Code is going to change everything. The world is dynamic and the education system will, if not now, one day have to adapt to the speed of information in our day and age.

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