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eBay’s Inspiration Shop – Purchase With QR Code


When more than a thousand American were quizzed about what they disliked the most about shopping, nearly half of them responded in the same manner – they hated, mostly, the long lines (especially during weekends), the unavailability of products and they also said that they preferred it if they could do it on the spot when they are browsing through magazines or when they see an advertisement in newspapers. Modern folks, especially those enthusiastic about mobile technology, are clearly an impatient lot. 

When it comes to instant gratification, QR Codes technology comes into play. Assuming the advertisement came with a QR Code, it would solve many of these people’s problems, wouldn’t it?

I suppose this was what eBay had in mind before they launched their latest mobile shopping outlet in Manhattan. Their target would be New York City dwellers or the working class downtown who are edgy about long lines and are inspired by celebrity choices. The ‘store’ is called Inspiration Shop.

It was reported that eBay joined hands with TV personality, Jonathan Adler, to open up a shop on 404, Park Avenue South. What is unique about the store is that it isn’t exactly a store. It’s a shop for window shopping…literally. As we all know, eBay is all about online shopping and I would be incredibly surprised if they departed completely from the concept. Just imagine eBay becoming more and more like Walmart. Not happening. 

What is cool about the whole thing is that it enables instant purchases for people who happen to be waking past the store if they see something that they like with the use of their smartphones and a QR Code reader. The store’s window is covered, literally, with stuff endorsed by celebrities. 

Adler said, while promoting the launch of the store, that the chic choices contributed by celebrities, together with the amazing array of choices available on eBay, have created a really awesome storefront. He also added that the concept of being able to shop right there and then on a smartphone was a groovy one. eBay spokesperson also echoed the enthusiasm expressed by Adler, saying that consumers no longer have to wait to get home to their personal computers to shop for something that they like. That, or they have to wait for the store to open in order to shop. They believe that with the QR Code shopping concept, both problems have been, effectively, eliminated. Now, consumers can shop as and when they want. 

This doesn’t mean that those living and working outside of Manhattan are excluded. People can continue to find the same featured products on Inspiration Shop on eBay’s Facebook page or m.inspirationshop.ebay.com on the smart phone. 

Let us know about your experience if you have shopped from the ‘store’ and share it with our readers. 


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