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Dupont Buys Into QR Code


Dupont Packaging and Industrial Polymers is one of the largest, most prominent and well-respected packaging providers known all over the world. And we’re all over the moon with news that they’re finally buying into the whole QR Code technology too. Recently, amongst all the news feed that we subscribe to, we spotted their release announcing that they’re going to be ‘testing’ and then pushing into the whole two-dimensional QR code technology.

What a revelation! It’s precisely how things got rolling in Asia, anyway.

They’ve made their intention exceptionally clear to the people in Open Mobile Alliance, also known as OMA. They’ve made clear effort to make the QR Codes that they intend to include in the print packaging as easily as access as possible and is operable with many different types of phones. Representatives have stated that they believe that they are making the right move in using the right application at precisely the right time. in the marketplace where many consumers are already using cell phones and awakening to the loud calls of QR Code marketing technology, it will soon roll out nicely in the next few months.

They believe that consumers are getting more demanding over the years and they want information as quickly as possible in order to make the right decisions. This will also have a direct environmental impact.

With the QR Codes printed onto the packaging, whenever shoppers are out shopping and spots the codes, they can instantly have access to coupons, product information, promotions and other content like….maybe recipes and suggestions too. The great thing is that with QR Codes, a simple thing like a packaging will become interactive.

It helps that many cell phone manufacturers are beginning to preload the phones that they produce (the new models, at least) with QR Code readers. This eliminates the need for the user to look for, download and install it into their phones before they can start snapping the QR Codes in question. Another great thing is that it creates curiosity amongst the middle-aged people as well because right now, the young and modern yuppies are the ones into technology.

So, when grown-up kids upgrade their parents’ phones for them, they’ll be more likely to say, ‘What’s that? Really? Let me try that!’

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