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DS Smith Packaging To Introduce QR Code For Reorders


If you have worked for large companies that deals with large and bulk purchases of stuff on a regular basis, you would know what it feels like to fill in the same form with the same exact information each and every time and then go through the same motion from week to week just to get your orders through. There is a lot of time wasted on repeating the procedures this way. DS Smith Packaging is going in the right direction by changing things up a little by letting their regular clients and customers re-order heavy duty packaging using a simple QR Code which will simplify and automate many of the usual steps.

The QR Code campaign is currently only offered under the company’s Industrial Division where customers can order their heavy duty packaging by using a smartphone to scan a QR Code.

The company plans to implement this re-ordering system by placing a QR Code on the box or on a pallet label. When customers scan the QR Code with their smartphone or other mobile devices equipped with a QR Code scanner, the reordering information that is completely unique to the customer and their ordering history will be automatically filled and sent directly to DS Smith Packaging immediately using the internet. This would simplify the ordering process because many of the mundane and repeated steps would have been completely automated. The process also eliminates the need to checking and double-checking of each order because the duplicate information is saved and encoded in the QR Code.

What we are looking at is a system that can cut ordering time, which can take hours if you take into consideration that manual ordering would need to be checked and approved by different people of authority (for safety purposes), right down to seconds. Once the officer in charge of the ordering obtains approval from their bosses, it will take them three to five seconds to complete the re-ordering process.

By automating the re-ordering process, customers not just save time but also shave off some hidden costs that usually occurs. DS Packaging creates an ability to receive customers’ orders instantly into their own system and schedule them in earlier too. The QR Code also eliminates errors and administrative time constraints.

As for whether QR Codes can be damaged, judging from the nature of the business which is packaging, loading and unloading, the process of which sometimes involves extensive damage to the exterior of the packaging. It was shown that despite extensive damage being done to QR Codes, they can still be properly scanned and used.

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