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Savvy good Samaritans have found a brand new, amazing way to raise funds for the needy and if the reports were right and accurate, it’s working! Instead of using technology for marketing and promotion of branded products, non-profit organizations profit from mobile marketing too, and it is good to know that recently, the Salvation Army used QR Codes to promote Daily Cup Social Justice program. 

Not only was the promotion a big show stealer when it stole the show for being one of the finalist for the most Effective Mobile Marketing Awards for the non-profit category. The Salvation Army said that the success of the campaign came as quite a surprise for them too. The campaigners plugged the QR Code into every little online nooks and crannies like their blogs, videos, feedback forms, enquiry forms and I am sure, through online social networking sites too. Based on reports, the Salvation Army got approximately 190,000 scans for the QR Code. There were a few QR Codes promoted by the campaigners. One, that got people to donate $10 on the spot; two, for people to submit their applications to become volunteers. 

Other charities, not just the Salvation Army, are using QR Code extensively too. For example, I heard that National Aquarium of Baltimore, a non-profit one, used QR Codes to bring attention to their exhibits. 

Previously, BeQRious also reported on The Big Wild using QR Codes to promote their cause. Another organization spotted using QR Codes is JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). If you know the full potential of QR Codes, you would agree with me when I say that there is so much more that these organizations can do to bring in donations and get people to do good deeds. But it would take a little more work. 

I have always been fascinated with the fact that libraries are putting up QR Codes for books so that interested book lovers can find more information about the writer, the story, or many a review of the book so that he or she can decide whether the book is worthy. Parents can also find more information at the zoo about a particular animal that their kids are curious about by scanning a QR Code. 

It makes perfect sense for non-profit organizations because the crucial point is the call for action. You want donors to make their decisions there and then and then provide them with a painless way to contribute. With a QR Code, they can scan and donate within minutes instead of waiting to get home to get on the website. 


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