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Dita Von Teese Loves QR Codes


Dita Von Teese wears many hats. She is regarded as the Queen of Burlesque, having been instrumental in the revival of burlesque, which is a relatively mild form of striptease but with elaborate characters, storylines and routines. She is also an actress, appearing in soft-porn films and more mainstream movies. She has appeared on music videos for Green Day, Royal Crown Revue and ex-husband Marilyn Manson. She is also a fashion model and has even launched her own clothing line in 2012.

Now you can add QR code lover to that list.

Von Teese has started using QR codes to go with her new clothing line, which she had named after herself. The QR codes will be seen in the dress linings and would take scanners to her own Twitter page.

Buyers of her dress can scan the QR codes and connect with the designer on Twitter where they could ask her questions and even give their thoughts on the clothes.

Von Teese says that she manages her account and that she writes all updates posted on it.

Von Teese also shares that she has used both her Twitter and Facebook accounts to tell her fans about her various projects and upcoming performances.

It seems that Von Teese is trying to harness the power of social media into her marketing. This is probably the first time that a designer has used QR codes to connect with his or her buyers on social media. We just have to love it. It is innovative and it combines the ease of use of QR codes with the customer engagement you can get from social media.


We would like to hear your thoughts about this. Do you think fashion labels should include QR codes on their clothes that allow people to “talk” to them? Or is it just plain awkward to have a QR code on your clothes?

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