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Disneyland Paris’ Own QR Code


Disneyland Paris, one of the largest chain of resorts and theme parks known to man today, have recently released that they’re promoting their shows, tickets, promotions and products via mobile phones. Although many hotels and resorts have begun (mostly in Europe) using the QR Code technology, none of them are as big as Disneyland so, this is truly exhilarating news on the QR Code front.

Since 2D barcodes can store more information than the conventional matrix code used for checkout in stores, Disneyland Paris is going to be using these QR Codes to help promote everything, literally, that they have in the theme park to mobile phone users. They recognize the functionality and practicality of the system because most of their target market belongs to a group of people who are consistently caught up in the mobile phone frenzy.

It was reported that Disneyland Paris have chosen Orange for the implementation of this promotion and Flashcode is the chosen technology. Not only will mobile users find useful information like show time, rides, promotions and discount coupons with the QR Code, it seems as though visitors at the park can scan QR Codes found at the rides as well. In other words, the QR Codes can be expected to be  all over the park. You miss the one at the entrance and you’ll find another one at one of the rides.

The Disneyland Paris team, in the meantime, will be working at a feverish pace to provide fans of their theme parks with relevant and updated information via the mobile web page that mobile phone users will be led to. Since the code is not time sensitive, it can be the same QR Code forever and all that will change is the page that they will be led to.

Disneyland Paris website can be found here, if you need more information. http://www.disneylandparis.com/. More than two-hundred million people have thronged to Disneyland, with and without the teens and toddlers, over the many years that they’ve been around. So, with this new QR Code promotion, perhaps they might be hitting more teens and young adults who are willing to spend that extra dollar for a Nemo hat more than before. 

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