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Digital Signage Goes Hand In Hand With QR Codes Marketing


Traditional media is going through the kind of crunch it has never seen before…more people are struggling to keep their budgets in tack while big brand names pull their campaigns out from under the feet of major media giants. They’re panicking…and who can blame them? But this does not mean that everything’s lost for these media companies. After all, those who dug their hands into QR Code and 2d barcode marketing stand to gain a huge advantage over those who did not. QR Codes offer the unlikely ray of hope for the industry in the form of digital signage system.

QR Code seems to be the door that is left open for the industry so that not too many advertising and media. Digital signage is form of advertisement that appears in the form of an electronic display in a public arena. Most of the time, they just look a whole lot like a television set in the middle of a mall or on the sidewalk that loops advertisements over and over again.

The great thing about combining QR Codes with media advertising is that with digital signage, you can actually use it to entertain, inform or advertise something in a static or media format…it all depends on the idea. On top of that digital media advertising is far easier to adopt and adept to than traditional media, there’s room for animation and interaction, for example.

According to some stats, there is a thirteen percent growth I the number of LCD and plasma television sets and that accounts for nearly two million whopping sets out there. How does QR Codes come into play? Well, it works pretty much the same way as a QR Code appearing on a print advertisement, a leaflet, t-shirt, mug or a magazine article…basically, the QR Codes can be inserted into these digital signage. There’s more legroom for maneuvers with digital media because it’s far more entertaining than a magazine advertisement and when you’re waiting at a bus stop with nothing interesting to capture your attention, you’re more inclined to check out the ad, whip out the phone and scan the QR Code just to see what’s happening.

Advertisers are to pump more advertising dollars into QR Code marketing in the form of digital signage in bus and railway stations. We note that there is an increasing number of restaurants and movie theatres that have started installing digital menus containing QR Codes and into their booths and menus. The consumers can find more information or purchase the food or tickets with a snapshot of the QR Code.

As you can see, traditional media advertising companies are being given a run for their money and if they don’t hop on to the digital signage and QR Code bandwagon, they might be left behind so much so that they would have to bow to the deathly approach of rough economic times.

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