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Digital Artwork With QR Codes


I can’t quite imagine what Picasso would come up with if he were still alive today – perhaps he would be swept up by the QR Code wave the way we are? The potential is there, after all, because just think….QR Codes is so versatile and flexible that you can literally work QR Codes into any artwork and still call it abstract or digital art, right? Precisely. And that’s what Brazilian artist Martha Gabriel has gone and done. Taking a look at her website where her artwork is unabashedly displayed, it makes me wonder and there was a pop-up that asked me what my name was and what I wanted from life. That, in itself, is gimmick enough as it is.

Anyway, it’s a very unique and interesting concept that may help redefine the art industry – interactive, digital artwork…imagine that! The possibilities of embedding all forms and types of information into a piece of artwork and secretively hiding messages and insider point of views, statements, URLs, etc.

The website I was talking about is called The Sensitive Rose….adequately named, if you asked me. In the website, when you type your name and the purpose of your life, you add your life mission into the website. In all of life’s uncertainty, the website aims to help people navigate in the desires of the people in a way so secretive that the naked eye cannot decipher. You’ll need a mobile phone to decode whatever’s hidden within the artwork (or website). The Sensitive Rose was commissioned by Nokia and was presented at the Nokia Trends Sao Paulo 2008 late last year.

Martha Gabriel is no stranger to coming up with such art work because she was also the one ROSAdosVENTOS.mobi, another digital artwork that works the same way, generally, that The Sensitive Rose works. It’s a combination of QR Codes and Datamatrix that was used and helps people navigate the digital divide. This one was presented during the Unicentro Belas Artes de Sao Paulo’s Post-Graduate Program 10th Anniversary Exhibition in October 2008.

Interesting what QR Codes have led us to, isn’t it?

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