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DGVN Uses QR Codes for Love Padlocks Campaign Helping Women in Forced Marriages


Cheil Germany has created a very unique QR code campaign for DGVN or the United Nations Association of Germany, which launched an initiative against forced marriages. This QR code campaign involves thousands of love padlocks on a fence by the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne.

What Are Love Padlocks

For those who are not familiar with love padlocks, these refer to a custom by which sweethearts attach padlocks to a fence, a bridge, a gate, or any similar public fixture at an increasing number of locations worldwide to symbolize their love.

Why love padlocks started to appear actually vary between locations. However, in many instances, the reason for these are unsourced.

Love Padlocks in Cologne

For several years, lovers have been attaching love padlocks to the fence located between the sidewalk and the tracks on Hohenzollern Bridge.

Now, the marketing agency added 3,500 combination locks to the bridge. These locks form the campaign’s motto “Free the Forced” and represent the 60,000,000 women worldwide who get trapped in a forced marriage each year.

QR Code Campaign

Each padlock has a unique quick response code on it. When scanned using a smartphone equipped with a QR code reader application, the code takes scanners to the campaign’s mobile Web site where they can learn more about forced marriages. The mobile Web site also provides scanners a way to help the victims: by donating money via PayPal.

After their donation, they will receive the number code that allows them to open the lock, symbolizing a woman being freed. A donor can keep the opened padlock as a proof of their contribution to this advocacy.

To make the crime of forced marriage more visible by spreading the word and by making more people aware of it, the campaign also added social media functions in its site.

In only three days since the campaign was launched, almost all padlocks have been opened.

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