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Cut Cost, Save Earth With QR Codes


One of the biggest problems with print advertising is space; that is because space equals cost. The conventional way we usually market or promote products or services offline is to marry the power of images with the strength of words. While pictures may paint a thousand words, a picture can also depict a million different messages because one person may think that a picture of an obese woman is for an obesity awareness campaign, another person may think it is a promotion for a slimming center. Therefore, with advertising, words and pictures have to go hand-in-hand.

Hence, cost of advertising is often quite heavy. But with QR Codes, we think the entire world of advertising and marketing is set to change. Instead of battling the lack of space for extensive use of words to inform, educate and convey the message in a leaflet or brochure, QR Codes can be used to shortcut all of that.

Use powerful and creative photos and then print out QR Codes instead of lengthy URLs or text. Words can be used but we are minimizing wastage of space because with the QR Code, we can then explain less in the brochure while leading mobile phone users to mobile websites where space is not a concern at all!

In fact, when the mobile phone users scans the QR code which resolves to the intended mobile website or blog, what we have is the advantage of instant interactivity. And the other advantage of using QR Codes along with leaflets and brochures is that the stats are instantly accessible. You will know how many people logged into the mobile website via the QR Code and who. You will also know their instant reaction via their responses. And of course, data about the location of those who responded will be made available to advertisers as well.

What we have here is instant data compilation of the reaction from target market. With the data, future advertisements can be made more accurate and cost-effective. Not to mention that with the reduced need for space, there is also a reduced need for paper which has a domino effect on environmental causes. Using QR Codes for leaflets and brochures will not only save money for the advertisers, it also means saving the planet

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