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What happens when you have a really good customized product, a small number of employees and you need an easily customizable marketing plan that you can easily launch without costing you a bomb? You get into the QR Code craze, of course.

This is, precisely what Ethical Bean Coffee Co. Ltd. is doing for their marketing plan, it is a part of their challenge. The company said that it would like to believe that they are a very transparent company and do not mind sharing information with their consumers so that the general public or people who buy their coffee products know the source of their coffee beans and learn more about them. 

Ethical Coffee thought that if they decided against the idea of using QR Codes to let consumers in on where the coffee was coming from, they would have to spend a whole lot more money on customizing the packaging of the products. So, instead of designing different packaging, sticking a customized QR Code on the packaging seems to be the better option. The QR Code, when scanned by mobile phone users, would lead them to details about the bag of coffee that they are about to purchase. 

Sources and representatives of the company say that they could have used many other ways to introduce the idea of ‘learning more about what is in your cup’ but QR Code looks like the right thing right now. The technology has hit North America…big time. While many people have thousands of questions about whether this technology is a fad or here to stay, Americans have become very cozy with the idea. 

Those without smartphones or do not like the idea of scanning an obscure square black-and-white code, can go to the company’s website, punch in a series of number and see the same content. But why go through all the trouble when you get all of that with a takes-only-seconds action? And besides the QR Code can do a whole lot more than just link to online content. It just depends on how these small businesses want to do this, how much they want to engage their consumers and how much they want to reveal. 

Giving your consumers the impression that you have a strong online presence is the in thing right now. The more transparent and engaged you are with your customers, the more popular you will be. And it turns out that, the more willing you are to speak to your customers, the more they will remember and recommend you. 

So, small businesses, listen up. If you want to get in on the QR Code game, you can create your very own QR Code right now with our free QR code generator

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