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Crucial For Artistes To Engage Fans


We live in the age whereby celebrities are found on the internet, in particular, Youtube. This was how many of today’s award-winning celebs and artistes were found and it doesn’t just span the entertainment industry, artists, painters and other creative individuals have also been found on the internet. With so many new faces, competition then becomes even rifer than before. 

How then do the managers and management companies handle the rough battleground so that their artistes get the most limelight? By engaging the fans, that is. However, in my personal opinion, engagement of fans is not limited to just the entertainment industry itself; engaging fans and consumers on the internet has now become a critical part of doing business as well. 

With the internet, fans have also become hungrier for information, and they are demanding too. If they were fans, they expect the artistes to be responsive to their loyalty. And most modern people are already on the internet almost every single waking minute of their lives, therefore, artistes need to be more active on their mobile phones as well. 

Of course, one of the ways that management companies can promote these artistes is with QR Code n fan club homepages. For example, if the artiste has a fan club or an official website, I think it is crucial now to have a QR Code on the website that fans can scan on their mobile phones or tablets so that they can log in and get information on the go. 

There is also stuff like QR Codes that leads fans to new exclusive videos, interviews, posters, music downloads or e-commerce shops (if any). Anything to bring information to fans’ mobile devices. 

Leveraging on the easy and convenient way to manage fan base, management companies save a whole lot of money. How so? Rewind a decade back, management companies of these said artistes had to pay a whole load of money for radio and TV ads and that is why the cost of an album is high. Now, instead of paying for those ads and airtime, the cost of an album or price of a concert ticket has dropped. 

This is, I have to say, good news all around, wouldn’t you agree? 


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