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Creative Ways To Use QR Codes In Your Life


The Japanese have long been using QR Codes on just about anything…perishable goods included. There are many ways to creatively use QR Code in your life…whether to publicize yourself or to personalize something. For instance, a birthday cake. You could bake a cake for someone special because it is his or her birthday, set up a blog or website for the occasion and then decorate the QR Code into the cake itself. On the birthday, people who scan the QR code with their iPhones or scan-enabled mobile phones can get access to the information that you have plugged into the blog or website.

Or if you’re absolutely in love and are about to marry someone, how about getting a QR Code tattooed onto your arm (or elsewhere less obvious)? How about proposing to someone using QR Code now, THAT sure beats advertising it on a billboard or buying commercial air time for your public proposal because it’s definitely more meaningful, not to mention more personal.

Some families like to print QR Codes onto their household items in particular, things that means a lot to them. This way, if the items are stolen, they’re easily identifiable and can be tracked back to them. And of course, QR Codes is a great way for advertisers to promote themselves via a revolutionary new media that does not involve a lot of money.

Couples love to wear their ‘I Love Jenny’ and ‘I Love Mark’ matching QR Code printed shirts together. It never fails to elicit curiosity amongst those who see the codes. The questions of ‘what is that?’ is easily answered with a ‘scan it and see’.

For the sake of creativity, printing a QR Code-based puzzle would do the trick. Companies could print the QR Codes on puzzles and get people to put it together to find a special message or get access to special files in WAP pages. Because it takes effort to put the puzzle together (provided they don’t give up halfway through), when they finally get to download the images, videos, wallpapers or get access to pages, more often than not, it tends tom mean more to them than if they didn’t have to do a thing for that access.

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