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Creative Use Of QR Codes And Barneys New Yorks Treasure Hunt Window Campaign


QR Codes has been successfully used in Japan for decades without the rest of the world’s interest but it is always interesting when something innovative like this catch on and spread like wild-fire. It is funny because some time back, people were skeptical and a little turned off with the technology because of its lackluster appearance (black and white can only do so much to attract someone’s attention) and lack of knowledge. The great thing now is that, as more people find out about what and how to use QR Codes, people are giving it new twists. Like how advertising people and creative individuals come up with ways to include a QR Code to make their event or marketing campaign a more interesting (and interactive) one.

Kella Price, the author of QR Code for Trainers says that the codes are a great way to increase interactivity in a fun way…and I can’t agree more with that statement. It connects people on a digital level and information like online content comes to your device instantly. QR Codes can be used for new employees who want to learn more about a new company that they have just joined. The can scan specific codes during a tour of the facility and save them into their tabs or smartphones and then learn more about each department as he or she goes along. In fact, it would be fun if the QR Code led to a video. QR Codes should also be used during exhibitions and public events to connect one visitor to another so that they can share their experiences online so that other visitors can view the thoughts.

And speaking of creative ways to use QR Codes, it seems that a Barneys New York store in Ginza Tokyo introduced a new way to engage their customers. They have used it to launch their new marketing campaign. Simon Doonan, the brain behind many of Barneys New Yorks’ previous marketing endeavors come up with the idea of flashing up a QR Code every fifteen minutes or so at the store. Those who notice the QR Code can scan the code and instantly, they will be in the running for some great prizes from the store. This is a part of their Treasure Hunt Window campaign.

According to sources, the marketing campaign exceeds expectations…well, this is Japan we are talking about…this is where all the QR Code fad started, after all, and the people of Japan have been scanning QR Codes so much that it has become a part of their culture and nature. Nothing to it.

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