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Creative Patch Product Using QR Code


Whether it is a brilliant business idea for the future or a fun foray into something designed for geek-techno folks, we don’t know, but we noticed a fair number of small businesses or individuals coming up with brilliant ideas using the concept of QR Codes.

QR Codes (QR stands for Quick Response) is a form of 2D barcode that works sort of like our conventional barcode, except that it can contain a whole lot more information and is incredibly versatile in more ways than one. The conventional barcode is used to store information like price, product, ID, discount….etc. The basic stuff.

QR Codes, in the meantime, is a type of data matrix code that can be used to store links to the world wide web, mobile web pages, pictures, instant SMS messages, or simple text messages. The Japanese has been using QR Codes for more than a decade now and considering the experience that they have with it, naturally, QR Code is the current defacto system for linking offline objects to the online world. For example, if you spot a curious looking QR Code on a building and see a small army of people standing by the side of the road holding their cell phones up and ‘taking a picture’ of it, it is OK. They are not looking for UFOs.

They are scanning the QR Code.

Anyway, as mentioned, QR Code is opening a lot of doors to small businesses and one of them is rather creative.

One such owner is calling his product a P8tch (patch). It is, in our assumption, some sort of a badge with Velcro at the bottom. The said p8tch can be Velcro-ed onto anything you want, from clothing to cell phone balls, laptop bags and even jeans. So, it’s a convenient form of ‘business card’, if you will, which can be transferred from one place to another.

When you order the QR Code p8tch, you are given a QR Code with a funky design of your choice. The good thing is that the link is not permanent….in short, once you receive the QR Code, you get to redirect the QR Code to any link you want. One day, you want it to be an SMS message; and then another, you want it to lead it to your Facebook profile. No problem.

You get a secret passkey to change that link.

I think that while it’s an incredible idea, there’s no telling how far these creative business people will take you. And we can’t wait for that to happen.

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