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www. This is something that we often print along with our business cards, brochures, leaflets, and all other forms of below the line and web 2.0 advertising. Whether we like it or not, if you’re a business, it’s almost impossible to allow yourself to NOT have a website or a blog these days. So, in view of that statement, it is in agreement that almost everyone’s got his or her own website all set up and ready for the world.

With QR Codes, things are taking off in a slightly different direction. Have you started to print out QR Codes for your business? This is a question I can assume the answer to. For most conventional businesses, the leap in this new direction is a little slow to take-off but it’s started. The spread for QR Code reading appliances, software and mobile phone has already begun and more people are beginning to become more aware and educated about how the technology works. It might not be a useful tactic now, but if you start printing your QR Codes onto your business cards now, you’re giving yourself a head start.

OK, fine. You’re right – not a lot of Americans are into the use of QR Codes….YET but here’s a little something for you to digest. Late 2008, a survey was done about how people exchange and make use of business cards. It was of no surprise to me although I suspect a lot of you have some ideas as to where this is heading, that slightly less than forty-percent of people who actually receive business cards ever read them.

Yes, READ them. Within this group of people, most people will probably take a look at the name, memorize the position that person hold in the company, say a nice ‘thank you, here’s mine’, pocket it and leave it in their wallet or jacket pocket for the washing machine the next day. Washed away….all that information contained within the business card is gone, just like that and I don’t know about you but I think it’s a complete waste of time and money.

In that same survey, nearly ninety-percent of people interviewed said that they are more likely to keep or remember a business card if the design of the business card is unique.

Tell me….what can be more unique than to have a QR Code designed right into your business card right now – as compared to later when everyone else knows that the codes are for? The way fashion designers are using QR Codes to its full potential by designing colorful and attractive QR Codes for their clothing line, you can do the same too for your very own QR Code business card.

At this point in time, the rate of others understanding or using the QR Code printed on your business card is really beside the point. What you’re trying to do with the QR Code on your business card is to entice them…and make them curious about the function of the code.

You want people who receive your business cards to get curious and ask you what it is and how to use it. Even if they do nothing about it now, the point is this…by the time the QR Code craze hits them, you’re already ahead by a few miles.

So, start creating your own QR Code and printing it out on your business cards and other printing materials today. We have a fantastic tool for you right here where you can embed your own image or logo into – dive right into it.

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