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Control Your Personal Computer With Your Smartphone Experiment


It is simply amazing that people are always coming up with awesome ways to leave people quite speechless and this time, it is the guys at the back-end of Chrome Experiments that we are talking about. Toaster Limited came up with an experiment that showcases a fun and extremely interactive way to engage people in web demos. It involves using the latest version of Chrome browser on both the desktop (or laptop) and your smartphone. There is no additional software needed so, if you already have the latest Chrome browser on both your PC and smartphone, you are ready to try the experiment out.

The experiment shows you how you can control browsing or product demo on your computer using your smartphone as a ‘remote control’ and all you need to do is to scan a QR Code with the smartphone. Your phone needs to be running on at least Android 4 or iOS 4 too.

Once you load www.odem.chromeexperiments.com up, you should see a QR Code there…scan that and you’re ready to roll.

When we tried it out, it completely lets us use the smartphone just like a remote control so we scrolled some pages, slides and even played some videos and it was very seamless! Such an amazing experience, honestly speaking, and you should give this a shot if you already have a smartphone and a QR Code reader installed on your mobile. One would expect the designers to use some really sophisticated software or language to come up with this…but nope, all they used was basic HTML5 for this and some basic markups and CSS.

If you have trouble using this, watch this YouTube video. Per chance the problem persists, we urge you to read the instructions on the video. Happy trying!

At the moment, we are facing difficulties embedding the video here so, head over to the Youtube video here

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