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Contra Costa County Library On The Go


On the coast of California, a library is set to promote its products and services via QR Codes, intending to connect readers who chance upon the QR Codes to scan and read about new materials, promotional items and also reach out to more web-savvy readers to encourage reading…the traditional way. The library is Contra Costa County Library. The program is called (we think it is a really funky one) Library-a-Go-Go.

The library, with funds provided for by BALIS, will run this program all year long, throughout 2010. They obtained a sixty-thousand dollars worth of grant money for this so, we think it is pretty serious stuff we are looking at.

Once again, for the benefit of those who are not aware of what QR Codes is, here is a little snippet to get your going. A QR Code is actually what we call a ‘quick response code’. Users of smart phones like Blackberry and iPhones installed with QR Code readers can scan the code with their camera phone and it will resolve to websites, images, songs, videos, facebook profiles, twitter accounts or simply an instant SMS ready to be sent. It can even be a business card. The QR Code is so versatile that once you create it, the code can be printed on, literally, anything you wish to print it on.

Cathy Sanford, a representative from the library, said that consumers are becoming more and more savvy with technology. There is no other way but to catch up with them and it is only a matter of time that these things needs to be implemented.

It is good that they are early in catching on with QR Codes. They are also the first to implement the library QR Code library service project in the Sacramento Public library. For that project, whenever a QR Code was scanned, it resolves to a text message chat info located in the library’s blog.

The QR Codes will not only be made available on the books and promotional materials; the said materials will be printed and then displayed in high traffic areas. We think it is a good move in encouraging more people to read instead of playing games and indulging into unhealthy activities.

Soon, the library will also be embedding the QR Codes on many other materials that links consumers to information that advices them on reading and new stuff, especially the ones on promotion or sale.

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