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Contra Costa County Library Accessible Via QR Codes


Fancy reading a book from your local library without leaving your home for it? This is how amazing QR Codes can be. With the entire library of books cataloged via QR Codes, cell phone users can now snap a picture of the QR Code through their computer and then get instant access to the book and there is absolutely no need to return it. This is what is happening to Contra Costa County people.

Of course, you would have to be a member of the library and possess a physical library card in order to use this feature but other than that, it is a really snappy way to get things going in the library, don’t you think? This is what the county is calling the Snap And Go project and they are using the Bay Area Library and Information System to create this and apparently, this is a sixty-thousand dollar worth of project which should see more people reading and less watching television.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t read is because visiting the library is cumbersome and returning the book is often a big problem. When you can access the QR Code, albeit book, via your computer of cell phone, the problem is eliminated. You don’t even need to get out of your clothes to get reading.

With a rising number of kids owning phones these days, we think that a QR Code project like this will have more kids reading than playing cell phone games or hitting it up on their Nintendos. In fact, it was said that with QR Code, the library content can be made more interactive too, like providing reviews, sharing comments and explanation of the book on mobile websites.

QR Codes will also make the library content more accessible to people from many other parts of the world which, we think, might make for more profit for libraries like that. In fact, this could also mean a spinoff into videos, images, wallpaper downloads that are related to the story.

Just imagine…this is the world of storytelling expanding beyond the realm of the book that we hold in our hands.

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