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CinePrint Makes Ads More Interesting, But Is It a Match for QR Codes?


Who has not heard about a magazine ad that features QR codes? Most magazine ads that have QR codes on them lead you to a mobile site or a video that gives more information about the products or services advertised.

A new technology, however, seeks to make print ads come alive without having to scan anything. All you need is to have your tablet run the Lexus ES video, put the iPad under the page and it would seem as if the car is moving.

This would be a great application for something like a car. It is really a novel way to make your advertisement come alive.

However, it does not do anything else other than eliciting that wow factor. It does not provide people with more information about the car, and from what we could see, you would need an iPad to make everything all work. What’s more, what is so wrong about watching a video on an iPad? Nothing.

It is a great illusion, we have to admit.

On the other hand, QR codes can help you tell your customers and potential buyers more about your product. With the right content, it can help you reel your customers in and engage them. Unlike the CinePrint feature that looks more of a marketing gimmick than a genuine push to help people become educated consumers.

We have seen a lot of magazine QR codes before and they do some neat things such as taking people to a very informative Web site or letting them watch a cool video. There are even those interactive sites that you can access via a QR code that help you try out new clothes or test drive a new car.

The best thing about QR codes? You do not need an iPad to access it. You can use any smartphone that has a camera and a free QR code scanner loaded in it.

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