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China’s ZTE Introduces Touch and Share Technology


Chinese mobile phone maker ZTE Corporation has just launched Touch and Share, which is a solution that automates Bluetooth and WiFi set-up via near-field communication. Through this new NFC-based pairing solution, ZTE phone users are able to share data easily and quickly by automating WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity between NFC-enabled devices that are in close proximity.

With the ZTE Touch and Share feature in their handsets, users can connect instantaneously and eliminate the need to scan and match terminals, and the need to key in a password. With this feature, users are able to share data without worrying about any need for any manual intervention. All the users need is to choose the content that they want to share and then touch the device or handset of the intended receiver.

Now we all know that touching together two NFC-enabled devices is what triggers or starts the sharing process.

In short, the ZTE Touch and Share technology is a combination of Bluetooth, WiFi and near-field communication. It incorporates core connectivity elements and automating device pairing processes, which include Connection Manager, Service Discovery Protocol, and Application Service Protocol.

With the Touch and Share feature, users will enjoy the convenience and ease of sharing or swapping content such as contact information, videos, images, and even internet connection with others. Linking up with devices can either be done from one smartphone to another smartphone, or from a smartphone to a wireless WiFi router. All that’s needed is for the two devices to be Touch & Share-enabled.

What’s more, Touch and Share can open up or lead to new opportunities for further or advanced developments, including mobile gaming and social networking, making use of seamless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

ZTE is a publicly-listed global telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider. The company has a growing range of NFC-enabled mobile phones that include the ZTE Orbit, which is Windows Phone-based, and the ZTE Blade II, which is Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich-based.

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