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Chesterbrook Elementary Uses QR Codes for Physical Education Classes

chesterbrook elementary qr codes

Most students nowadays carry their own mobile phones. And to take advantage of this, a school in McLean, Va. is integrating mobile technology into the teaching process.

Teachers at Chesterbrook Elementary created an exercise trail with quick response codes to help students stay in shape. When students scan the QR code using their smartphone, they get taken to an instructional video for a particular exercise.

The instructional video stars Jay Levesque, a physical education teacher. Students say that they love the videos as the teacher is funny in most of them.

Levesque finds this new method effective as it allows him to oversee everything while the students get instruction in different stations. He says the codes enable him to give multiple instructions to many students while he is sitting down at the center to see how everyone is doing. He also attests that his students are now very good at the exercises that they can now teach these themselves.

But aside from these PE instructional videos, the use of QR codes is spreading like wildfire in the school. You can now see these two-dimensional matrix barcodes in various areas within the campus and used for various purposes. Teachers are using them in their review materials, and students from the 5th and 6th grades are using the codes in their reports. Hallway bulletin board projects also carry QR codes, allowing everyone to hear what the projects are all about aside from just being able to see them through pictures.

The idea to use QR codes in the classroom was first introduced by technology teacher Kurt Kohls about a couple of years ago. Now, his fellow educators are continuously trying to create new ways to use these codes. The codes, for one, are now used by some teachers to share math video to students, and even to share microscope mysteries.

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